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April 27 – Animal House

Travel back to your freshman dorm wall decoration–let’s revive 1978 National Lampoon classic set here in our little-old campus town. In Bike in Shapes’ first ever texted-based ride, let’s the stitch the infamous “COLLEGE” lettering in John Belushi’s icon sweatshirt. We’ll meet at the Bier Stein at 7pm on Thursday and finish at original Pegasus Pizza on campus (790 E. 14th). Toga wear permitted!

Ride Map | Facebook Event Page


November 16th – Flanders’ ‘stache

Hi-dilly-ho neighborinos, it’s Movember, so let’s tizzy and zizzy down old streets of Eugene in the shape of neighbor Ned’s soup strainer. We’ll commune at the Tap & Growler at 7pm this Wedaley-wednesday and sally forth. It’ll be okaley dokely!
Counter Clockwise Map | Facebook Event Page

March 31st – The Big & Little Dipper Redux

When I dip and you dip we dip!  Let’s all ride the Big Dipper and then follow the “north star” down Lincoln St. to the Little Dipper on the river. We’ll meet outside The Cider House at WildCraft Cider Works at 7pm this Thursday.


January 25th – Burt’s Brow

Get out your unicycle (or bicycle) because it’s time to ride the uni-brow of uni-brows. That’s right, let’s trace Ernie’s best friend’s eye brow. We’ll meet this Monday, January 25th at The Cannery at 7pm. As you can see, Burt means business–be there or be rectangle.


August 10th – Zapata’s Mustache

**This ride is cancelled due to expectations of 99 degree + temperature. We’ll see you in September!**

Grab on to your handlebars & handlebar mustaches, it’s time for the yearly abuelo of all Bike in Shapes…the Tour de Shapes (aka a longer summer weekend ride). Next Sunday, we’ll start from Arriving By Bike at 11am, and trace Zapata’s Mustache out to Agrarian Ales in Coburg. Viva la peddling revolucions!


October 17th – Modrian’s Compostion with Red, Blue, Yellow

Are you ready for the Prime-ary time?! Let’s dip our wheels, and paint an ode to the original city grid artist…Piet Mondrian. Meet at Falling Sky’s new Delicatessan (on 10th & Blair) on Thursday, October 17th at 7pm and ride this way and that. Extra points for wearing your favorite primary color!


June 20th – Triceratops

BikeInShapes is turning three years old! (Those terrible-twos were something else). To celebrate, let’s ride in the shape of our favorite three-horned friend, a triceratops. And after a triceratops ride, there’s pretty much only one beer we can return to: Ninkasi’s “Tricerahops.”

So dust off your tricycle for the triceratops on Thursday, June 20th leaving Ninkasi at 7pm. Any friends of Eugene-Springfield are welcome! Thanks to our friends at Ninkasi for hosting us!