May 30th – Shelbyville’s Lemon Tree

Shelbyvillians! Get ready to descend on Springfield to make a grab for the Lemon Tree of Simpson’s fame! Commemorate Shelbyville’s notorious heist (and Springfield’s recovery) of Springfield’s prized Lemon Tree with this Springfield-based Bike In Shapes! Whether you’re a Springfield defender or a Shelbeyville swiper, keep an eye out for your doppelganger from across the river! Join us at 7 PM at Dark and Storm Springfield (420 Main St in Downtown Springfield) to trace the Lemon Tree and unite our two cities! Social hour after the ride.

lemon tree

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May 12th – Oregon Trail

Set your axles and pull the reins, it’s May is Bike Month and time for Bike in Shapes’ Oregon Trail ride. We’ll meet on top the Autzen Footbridge at 7pm on Thursday, May 12th and pioneer over through Springfield to the Claim 52 Abbey at Sprout regional food hub (418 A Street). Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Abbey for hosting us.

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There are so many other wonderful bike events and commute challenges this month–so have fun and rock your helmet hair.



April 30th – Frog’s Tongue and Fly

Spring is here and the river calls. We’re beginning our countdown to Bike in Shapes’ 5th birthday in June. It seems like the perfect time to dig up, the shape that started it all: the OG, the Frog’s Tongue and Fly. That’s right, the origins of Bike in Shapes can be traced to a ride following a “tongue” that flows along the Willamette only to meet an industrial plant of a “fly” past the Knickerbocker Bridge.This bizarre whim set in motion these past five years of pomp and absurdity. So, let’s dust off the Tongue, and meet at Sam Bond’s Garage this Thursday at 7pm, ride the river, and return in ample time for their 90’s night.

Come this Thursday and be prepared to vote your favorite all-time shape as a finalist for the June 17th Anniversary ride.



October 29th – Pugakeet

Ever wonder what a parakeet dressed as pug looks like? Or for that matter, how a pug dressed in parakeet suit for Halloween appears? Well, the answer is probably not in this shape. :) Let’s support LiveMove’s Oakshire Fundraiser to get a bike counter installed on 13th & Kincaid. It’s a pricey ambition, so why not throw down a couple pints to move the needle. We’ll meet at Oakshire at 7pm, this Wednesday and ride in the shape of the Pugakeet!

July 19th – Gummy Worm & Swedish Fish

Hellu BeekeInShepers, zeere-a is a reede-a thees Thoorsdey! (“Hello BikeInShapers, there is a ride this Thursday!” using this Swedish Chef translator).

Bork broke bork, it’s time to hit the river and ride the “Gummy Worm and Swedish Fish” next Thursday. We’ll leave Falling Sky at 7:45pm and return for some refreshments on the tail (fin) end.