BikeInShapes, Eugene

February 19th – Chuck Norris

Let’s open a can of…Chuck Norris, the shape. We’ll meet at the Elk Horn Brewery at 7pm this Thursday, February 19th, and strut from there. In honor of this ride, here’s a few Chuck Norris Bike Facts you may not know:

  • When Chuck Norris rides bicycles, cars use the sidewalk.
  • Chuck Norris’ bicycle doesn’t have a handle bar, it has a fist-le bar.
  • Light is jealous of the speed of Chuck Norris’ single speed.

We will have more new Chuck Norris Bike Facts posted each day on Facbook leading up to the ride…


BikeInShapes, Eugene

January 29th – Frosty Pole

Nothing is quite as delicious as a frosted ski lift frame or a brisk winter Bike in Shapes ride, eh Harry? Harry?! Let’s dumb down this week and ride the “Oh look, frost!” Frosted Pole from Dumb & Dumber 1 (the good one). We’ll meet at The Cannery this Thursday at 7pm, and sally forth on a short-sweet rectangle, before returning to a nice cold frosty.

Frosty Pole

BikeInShapes, Eugene, Springfield

November 20th – A few stones from Stonehenge

For ages, the meaning and mystery of Stonehenge has alluded us. How were those big stone moved together? And recently how did four rogue stones move themselves aaaallll the way to Downtown Springfield?! This Thursday let’s ride the ‘henge! Eugene folks, we’ll meet in the middle of the Autzen Footbridge at 7pm. Springfield folks, you can meet up with us at 7:20ish at the Abbey (Claim 52’s Tasting Room at Sprout! Regional Food Hub on 4th & A Street). We’ll shape the rocks (and rock the shape), finally looping back to The Abby for some brews around 8pm. See you this Thursday at 7pm at Autzen Footbridge!


BikeInShapes, Eugene, Springfield

September 25th – The Middle Fork (Shapeless Ride)

Put a fork it in…let’s kick fall off with an ode the Middle Fork of the Willamette. We’ll ride the newly opened middle fork path starting at the Autzen Footbridge at 6:30pm and head down the Willamette, crossing south through Springfield down to Dorris Ranch and parallel the “Fork” to Clearwater Park, before heading back to the Growler Underground in Downtown Springfield around 8:30. This ride is a little longer (13.7 miles / 1.5 hours) so we’ll get an earlier start than normal.

Middle ForkIt doesn’t really look like a “shape,” right? Ah yes, life happened this month and I didn’t gather time for “shaping.” That said, I’m sure the purr of the Willamette combined with the technicolor foliage will more than make up for absent photoshop cosmetics of yours truly. :) Shapeless it is!

BikeInShapes, Eugene

August 10th – Zapata’s Mustache

**This ride is cancelled due to expectations of 99 degree + temperature. We’ll see you in September!**

Grab on to your handlebars & handlebar mustaches, it’s time for the yearly abuelo of all Bike in Shapes…the Tour de Shapes (aka a longer summer weekend ride). Next Sunday, we’ll start from Arriving By Bike at 11am, and trace Zapata’s Mustache out to Agrarian Ales in Coburg. Viva la peddling revolucions!


BikeInShapes, Eugene

July 30th – Sneaker

Pre-pare for the total Track Town, Bike Town, Brew Town experience, all gargled together in the Sneaker shape. We’ll start at the Tap and Growler, next Wednesday, 7pm. Let’s skirt the river, jogging our bikes through Pre’s Trail, and tagging Glenwood as we u-turn back along the south bank.



BikeInShapes, Eugene

June 19th – The Key of Fermentation

Stay with me here: “For centuries and centuries (and in a galaxy far far a way), brewers have searched for the secrets of the perfect beer. “If only,” they thought, “we could find the Key of Fermentation, our quest to unlock perfection will be obtained….”

Fast-forward to the Willamette Valley in 2014: this June, we will unearth the Key of Fermentation, and funny-enough, its in a shape we can bike-trace! Imagine that. Let’s meet at NE corner of Monroe Park on Thursday, June 19th, at 7:00pm, and unlock The Key of Fermentation, along the Fern Ridge Trail and concluding at Claim 52 Brewing. Thanks to Claim 52 for hosting us and staying up a little later!


BikeInShapes, Eugene

May 7th – Prancing Piggy Redux

On National Bike-to-School day, BikeInShapes will be riding in the shape of old Prancing Piggy to support Safe Routes, the Eugene Springfield Safe Routes Schools program. We’ll meet at Oakshire Public House Wednesday May 7th at 7pm, jump on the bacon and be back to imbibe. $1 of every beer will go to Safe Routes. Thanks to Emma for getting this rolling. Learn more about Safe Routes at:


May is National Bike Month. There are lots of other awesome biking activities this month, including CycloFemme on Mother’s Day, Moonlight Mash on the 14th, and much more listed here:

BikeInShapes, Eugene

April 16th – A Fern Between Two Ferns

It started with Michael Cera. Then Barak Obama. Now it’s BikeInShape’s turn give an ode to Zach G. in the form of a sorry excuse for a Fern. So, let’s awkwardly meander the shape of A Fern Between Two Ferns. Ninkasi is graciously hosting us, and we’ll meet there this Wednesday at 7pm.

Here’s some classic Bieber to get your amped for the ride:





BikeInShapes, Eugene

March 27 – Shape, Rattle & Roll

Let’s Shape, Rattle and Roll. Or, more specifically, let’s shape in a rattle and roll this Thursday, March 27th. BikeInShapes will employ some abstract cubism referencing a baby’s rattle and a cinnamon roll, starting at 7pm from the Growler Guys (on 7th and Washington) and finishing at the Bier Stein.  Shape your Polaroid picture!