How We Roll

Community building is the name of our game, but there is nothing more important to Bike in Shapes than your safety. To participate in our group ride, we ask you to join us in How We Roll:

  1. Don a helmet. There are some important thoughts and ideas up in that noggin!
  2. Light it up! …with front/rear lights. It’s the light thing to do, especially after dark.
  3. Cycle responsibly! It’s illegal to ride a bicycle inebriated. This doesn’t mean mature adults cannot enjoy themselves, but do be mindful to stay within both the legal limit and your limit.
  4. Bicycle alertly. Be aware of your surroundings, especially those moving tons of metal on wheels. Your surroundings aren’t always aware of you.
  5. Stay right, ride with traffic. Sidewalks are for pedestrians. Compost is for worms.
  6. Please abide by our state’s bicycle rules of the road, not excluding many of our “How We Roll” agreements above.

Thank you for be a wonderful ambassador of bicyclists world wide! Now let’s roll…