Bend, Bike in Shapes

November 16th, Bend – Turduckenofu

Welcome back everyone for the 2nd Bike in Shapes ride in Bend! Grab your bicycle and headlamp because this time we are riding in a Thanksgiving quadfecta of fun: a turkey, duck, chicken, and tofu block! We will meet Thursday, November 16th at 7pm at Immersion Brewing for a gobblequackcluck…ofu (?) good time!!


Bend, Bike in Shapes

Bike in Shapes Bend!!!!

Why trace the world of shapes in just Eugene??? Bikes, beer, and Bend? It just makes sense! This Thursday marks the inaugural Bend chapter’s Bike in Shapes ride. The philosophy and schedule will stay the same as our lovely Eugene chapter: once a month we meet, ride a shape, and meet afterwards at a pub or brewery to mingle. If you’ve never participated in a Bike in Shapes event, it’s a perfect way to get out, meet people, and join the community! Stay tuned for the first official Bike in Shapes Bend shape!