Bike in Shapes, Eugene

February 27th, Eugene – Cryptokitties

Bitcoin bubble? Maybe. Cryptokitties overhype? Not a chance. ;) This week, let’s deploy onto the cutest, purriest blockchain of them all, by creating our own 256 bit, distinct rendition of the year’s fluffy fad. (That’s right, all cryptokitties have distinct DNA or “cattributes”). We’ll meet this Tuesday at 16 Tons Beer & Wine (265 E 13th Ave) at 7pm and paw-rance away from there.


Bike in Shapes, Eugene

January 25th, Eugene – Quinoa

Keenwwaa superfoodies, let’s protein power into a new year of Bike in Shapes with the Quinoa ride this Thursday at 7pm from Sam Bond’s Brewing (540 E. 8th Ave). It’ll be a one block, one seed ride followed by brews–so train up! ;)

Route Map (Counterclockwise) | Facebook Event