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March 28th (not 21st) – Periodic Table

Due to the weather, we’ll meet same time, same place, next Wednesday for the Periodic Table. Enjoy the snow! See you at the Bier Stein at 7:45pm on the 28th.

–  –  –

“Fe” your lab coat and “O” your tires as we geek out to the Periodic Table shape. We’ll start from The Bier Stein this Wednesday at 7:45pm. If it’s too crowded afterward, we’ll migrate over to The High St. Cafe. Be there or be [an element] square!

BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

November 9th – Rubberducky

Rubberducky, you’re the one. In honor of our other number one Duckies, this month it’s time to swish and swash with good old Rubberducky (embedded map). But this plastic variety is a fibbing feathered alternative with a bill as long as our favorite wooden marionette’s nose. So don’t trust everything you hear as we bikeinshapes, Tuesday, November 9th. We’ll depart from Ninkasi Brewing Company at 7:30pm, returning for pint at the tail end. Friends and newcomers welcome!

FYI: We’ll be taking December off for the holidays, but be ready to bikeinshapes around Eugene in 2011!

Bike, Eugene

September 9th – Alfalfa

Who’s got big ears, a crackly little voice and a spiked hairdo? This Thursday, it’s time to trace the face of The Little Rascals’ Alfalfa. We’ll meet outside of the Ninkasi Brewing Company’s tasting room in the Whitaker at 7pm. Also, we’re hoppy to announce Ninkasi is offering our group discounts on pints. Thanks Ninkasi!

Bike, Eugene

June 17th – Frog’s Tongue and Fly

Let’s meet this Thursday at 7pm at Sam Bond’s on Blair for the June Bike in Shapes.  Everyone is welcome. We’ll head up to the Willamette River Biking path and trace the river  and “tongue” until the bridge near Beltline.Then we will make a little loop, referencing the “fly” before making our way back on the River Road bank of the river. Visit the Calendar page for a map of the route.

Sam Bond’s will be hosting a couple bands, with a $5 cover starting at 9pm. We should return by 8pm at the latest, giving us ample time for a pre-cover beverage. For those interested, here are the bands’ Myspace pages:   One Horse Shy and Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band. In all, should be a bow chicka bow wow evening!


A token tee

Concerts, charity runs, international travel…it’s hard to imagine doing anything these days without a t-shirt to prove you were there. Have no fear BikeinShapers, we’ve got you covered. Below is the hand-printed Summer 2010 design, so you better show up to be eligible for acquisition. Not shown: the summer map “tour” on the back.