Bike in Shapes, Eugene

November 18th – Light Saber

Along time ago in a galaxy far far away….it was time to bike in the shape of a light saber rays.

Ride details from R2D2: “Bee bee boo bep bep boo beep” (Translates to: Ride leaves 13th Ave Falling Sky Brewing House on Wednesday, November 18th at 7pm).

Light Saber

BikeInShapes, Eugene

April 16th – A Fern Between Two Ferns

It started with Michael Cera. Then Barak Obama. Now it’s BikeInShape’s turn give an ode to Zach G. in the form of a sorry excuse for a Fern. So, let’s awkwardly meander the shape of A Fern Between Two Ferns. Ninkasi is graciously hosting us, and we’ll meet there this Wednesday at 7pm.

Here’s some classic Bieber to get your amped for the ride:





BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR, Springfield

August 22nd – Jig Saw & Power Cord

Puzzle me this…this Thursday will be BikeInShapes first foray into Downtown Springfield! We’ll be visiting one of the new “springs” of Springfield, Plank Town Brewing Company. Let’s meet this Thursday at 7pm on the Autzen Footbridge, and trace the “power cord” along the river to the “jig saw.”(Click on Calendar for full map). We’ll end at Plank Town Brewing Company (4th & Main). All are welcome & thanks to Plank Town for $1 off pints and appetizers!



BikeInShapes, Eugene

April 18th – Fractal Tree

Earth Day is a celebration and reminder of environmental stewardship. But for “shape geeks” (you know that’s you), it’s also time to give an ode to nature, the most precise, accomplished and beautiful illustrator of…fractals!

In this week leading up to Earth Day, let’s “build” a tree out riding in the shape of fractals!


This will be a BikeInShapes unlike any other, that is, we will be branching out. We’ll all start together at the “trunk” outside the New Bier Stein (1st week open yay!) at 7:45 this Thursday. From there we’ll diverge into small groups, creating a fractal “branches” with one 4×4 “L-shape,” one 3×3 “L-shape,” one 2×2 “L-shape,” and finally one 1×1 “L-shape” little budding branch. Go wherever you please. Then we will head back along our fractal branches to the new Bier Stein for a pint. And ta-da, our fractal tree will be complete!

See you this Thursday at the new Bier Stein on 15th and Willamette! Plant this seed your friends heads’ too!

BikeInShapes, Eugene

Tour de Shapes – August 11th – The Stingray

We’ve talked (for years now) about doing an extra long, extra summer ride. So here it is…the Tour de Shapes ’12, the Stingray. We’ll meet on Saturday, August 11th, at 1pm, at the river path bridge across from Valley River Center, and ride an incredible 30 mile loop with stints/stings along the river and McKenzie View Drive, and finish at Oakshire Brewery. Thanks to Mike Howard for the design.



January 18th – The Tetris Brain Teaser

How’s this for a cliche New Year’s resolution: “Get in shapes, get BikeInShapes!”

We’ll kick this year off this Wednesday, 7:45 at the Cornucopia (17th & Lincoln) borrowing from the most basic shapes of ’em all: Tetris shapes.

This ride comes with a mission should you accept. I have mashed together all of the Tetris shapes (as seen in image).  Now, your brain teaser task is to draw a route that:
– Starts and finishes at the Cornucopia (17th & Lincoln)
– Traces around each Tetris shape once, without overlapping traces or gaps.

It may be impossible! So, the first person to send me a perfectly traced map wins a BikeInShapes T-Shirt. Feel free to bring your solution to the ride.