BikeInShapes, Eugene

April 18th – Fractal Tree

Earth Day is a celebration and reminder of environmental stewardship. But for “shape geeks” (you know that’s you), it’s also time to give an ode to nature, the most precise, accomplished and beautiful illustrator of…fractals!

In this week leading up to Earth Day, let’s “build” a tree out riding in the shape of fractals!


This will be a BikeInShapes unlike any other, that is, we will be branching out. We’ll all start together at the “trunk” outside the New Bier Stein (1st week open yay!) at 7:45 this Thursday. From there we’ll diverge into small groups, creating a fractal “branches” with one 4×4 “L-shape,” one 3×3 “L-shape,” one 2×2 “L-shape,” and finally one 1×1 “L-shape” little budding branch. Go wherever you please. Then we will head back along our fractal branches to the new Bier Stein for a pint. And ta-da, our fractal tree will be complete!

See you this Thursday at the new Bier Stein on 15th and Willamette! Plant this seed your friends heads’ too!


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