Bike in Shapes, Eugene, Springfield

May 23rd – Ants on a Log

May is Bike Month here in the beautiful valley, and Bike in Shapes will be marching 1×1 along the new Mill Race Trail in Springfield to complete this peanut butter-celery themed shape. Eugene folks, let’s meet at 7:00pm atop the Autzen Footbridge and head to Claim 52’s The Abbey at Sprout at 7:15pm to meet up with Springfield folks. From here, we’ll begin the clockwise shape and return to The Abbey around 8:00pm for a beer afterwards.

Ride Map | Facebook Event


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May 12th – Oregon Trail

Set your axles and pull the reins, it’s May is Bike Month and time for Bike in Shapes’ Oregon Trail ride. We’ll meet on top the Autzen Footbridge at 7pm on Thursday, May 12th and pioneer over through Springfield to the Claim 52 Abbey at Sprout regional food hub (418 A Street). Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Abbey for hosting us.

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There are so many other wonderful bike events and commute challenges this month–so have fun and rock your helmet hair.


Bike in Shapes, Springfield

July 16th – Honey Badger

It runs all over the place. It’s the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom. If it’s hungry, it’s hunnnngry. It runs backwards. It’s just craa-zee. It is…

…the Honey Badger and together with SmartTrips: Springfield & Bike in Shapes, we’re going to ride its shape! Join us for a bonus summer ride, Thursday, July 16th at 6:30pm the Roundtable Pizza in Springfield (5547 Main Street, Springfield, OR 97478). SmartTrips: Springfield has community events all summer, check ‘em out!


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November 20th – A few stones from Stonehenge

For ages, the meaning and mystery of Stonehenge has alluded us. How were those big stone moved together? And recently how did four rogue stones move themselves aaaallll the way to Downtown Springfield?! This Thursday let’s ride the ‘henge! Eugene folks, we’ll meet in the middle of the Autzen Footbridge at 7pm. Springfield folks, you can meet up with us at 7:20ish at the Abbey (Claim 52’s Tasting Room at Sprout! Regional Food Hub on 4th & A Street). We’ll shape the rocks (and rock the shape), finally looping back to The Abby for some brews around 8pm. See you this Thursday at 7pm at Autzen Footbridge!


BikeInShapes, Eugene, Springfield

September 25th – The Middle Fork (Shapeless Ride)

Put a fork it in…let’s kick fall off with an ode the Middle Fork of the Willamette. We’ll ride the newly opened middle fork path starting at the Autzen Footbridge at 6:30pm and head down the Willamette, crossing south through Springfield down to Dorris Ranch and parallel the “Fork” to Clearwater Park, before heading back to the Growler Underground in Downtown Springfield around 8:30. This ride is a little longer (13.7 miles / 1.5 hours) so we’ll get an earlier start than normal.

Middle ForkIt doesn’t really look like a “shape,” right? Ah yes, life happened this month and I didn’t gather time for “shaping.” That said, I’m sure the purr of the Willamette combined with the technicolor foliage will more than make up for absent photoshop cosmetics of yours truly. :) Shapeless it is!

BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR, Springfield

August 22nd – Jig Saw & Power Cord

Puzzle me this…this Thursday will be BikeInShapes first foray into Downtown Springfield! We’ll be visiting one of the new “springs” of Springfield, Plank Town Brewing Company. Let’s meet this Thursday at 7pm on the Autzen Footbridge, and trace the “power cord” along the river to the “jig saw.”(Click on Calendar for full map). We’ll end at Plank Town Brewing Company (4th & Main). All are welcome & thanks to Plank Town for $1 off pints and appetizers!