BikeInShapes, Eugene

September 26th – The Oregon Map

Let’s bring back a classic shape, and ride a cheers to our dear state, Oregon. Let’s meet at 7pm this Thursday at the Cannery. We’ll head up “Hwy 101” (aka High Street) to the “Columbia River” (ere..the Willamette), soaking up the first gulps of fall all the way around.


BikeInShapes, Eugene

July 7th – Tour de Shapes, Mt. Hood

This should peak your interest…BikeInShapes’s annual summer “Tour de Shapes” is coming! We’re riding out to Agrarian Ales Hop Farm and Brewery in Coburg, tracing the shape of “Mt. Hood.” We’ll depart next Sunday (7/7) from Arriving by Bike (Willamette and 27th) at 10:30am*, and dock at Agrarian by lunch. First beer is free for bicyclists. It’ll be a 14 mile trek out, so bring water for the ride. Extra credit for wearing “Hoodies” or red bicycles (aka, little red rides…in the Hood).

*Springfield/Coburg Rd. ‘shapers can jump on the ride as we pass the Coburg Rd. Papa’s Pizza around 11am+/-.



June 20th – Triceratops

BikeInShapes is turning three years old! (Those terrible-twos were something else). To celebrate, let’s ride in the shape of our favorite three-horned friend, a triceratops. And after a triceratops ride, there’s pretty much only one beer we can return to: Ninkasi’s “Tricerahops.”

So dust off your tricycle for the triceratops on Thursday, June 20th leaving Ninkasi at 7pm. Any friends of Eugene-Springfield are welcome! Thanks to our friends at Ninkasi for hosting us!


BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

May 30th – Loch Ness Monster

This Thursday, come wade in the water with the ultimate mythical lake monster,  “Nessie” the Loch Ness Monster. The last known sighting of this plesiosaurs-like creature was in Scotland in 1933, but now that we are “shapin-it,” I am sure Nessie will give us surprise peak deep down in the Willamette….one can hope. ;)

Let’s meet at the new Oakshire Public House in the Whit (across from the Wandering Goat) at 7pm (yes, earlier!) this Thursday and head for back brews afterward.


BikeInShapes, Eugene

April 18th – Fractal Tree

Earth Day is a celebration and reminder of environmental stewardship. But for “shape geeks” (you know that’s you), it’s also time to give an ode to nature, the most precise, accomplished and beautiful illustrator of…fractals!

In this week leading up to Earth Day, let’s “build” a tree out riding in the shape of fractals!


This will be a BikeInShapes unlike any other, that is, we will be branching out. We’ll all start together at the “trunk” outside the New Bier Stein (1st week open yay!) at 7:45 this Thursday. From there we’ll diverge into small groups, creating a fractal “branches” with one 4×4 “L-shape,” one 3×3 “L-shape,” one 2×2 “L-shape,” and finally one 1×1 “L-shape” little budding branch. Go wherever you please. Then we will head back along our fractal branches to the new Bier Stein for a pint. And ta-da, our fractal tree will be complete!

See you this Thursday at the new Bier Stein on 15th and Willamette! Plant this seed your friends heads’ too!

BikeInShapes, Eugene

March 28th: Velociraptor on the a bicycle

A velociraptor on a bicycle is like a chia seeds on chocolate or dogs in costumes…it just sorta makes sense. So, you should sorta join us for the “A veleciraptor on a bicycle” shape on Thursday March 28th from Ninkasi Brewery at 7:45pm. Thanks to Ninkasi for hosting  us BikeInShaptors. And thanks to Iryna and Kirsten for the sorta marvelous design.


BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

September 3rd – The “Be Noble” Ribbon Ride

BikeInShapes is bubbling in anticipation to honor and continue celebrating the life of Erin Noble.  We’re calling it the “Be Noble” ribbon ride. We will begin where many Noble mornings began, the Martin’s Trailhead off W. Amazon (See map). We’ll trot our bikes down the Amazon Creek running trail, looping Erin’s ribbon through town over to the Whitaker. The ride will conclude with fundraiser pints at Ninkasi.

The time has been change from August 30th to Monday, September 3rd to accommodate a generous gesture from Ninkasi Brewing.  Their tasting room is donating a portion of the beer proceeds all day Labor Day to Erin Noble’s Fund to Save the Amazon Creek Headwaters.

So to recap:
Date: Labor Day Monday, September 3rd.
Start: Martin’s Trailhead, 6:30pm.
Finish: Ninkasi Tasting Room, 7-9pm.

Ninkasi Brewing is donating 25% their tasting room beer proceeds all day Labor Day to Erin Noble’s Fund to Save the Amazon Creek Headwaters. Thank you Ninkasi for this generous gesture.