BikeInShapes, Eugene

July 7th – Tour de Shapes, Mt. Hood

This should peak your interest…BikeInShapes’s annual summer “Tour de Shapes” is coming! We’re riding out to Agrarian Ales Hop Farm and Brewery in Coburg, tracing the shape of “Mt. Hood.” We’ll depart next Sunday (7/7) from Arriving by Bike (Willamette and 27th) at 10:30am*, and dock at Agrarian by lunch. First beer is free for bicyclists. It’ll be a 14 mile trek out, so bring water for the ride. Extra credit for wearing “Hoodies” or red bicycles (aka, little red rides…in the Hood).

*Springfield/Coburg Rd. ‘shapers can jump on the ride as we pass the Coburg Rd. Papa’s Pizza around 11am+/-.



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