Bike in Shapes, Eugene

October 30th, Eugene – Hipster Pumpkin Redux

Put on your plaid, strap into your fixie, let’s retrace the shape of a Hipster Pumpkin. Bike in Shapes Eugene will start from the Cannery at 7pm this Tuesday, Halloween Eve. Don’t forget your bow-tie and your prescription-free thick rims.

Route Map | Facebook Event



Bike in Shapes, Eugene

August 28th, Eugene – Pong

King Pong will be taking over Kesey Square! Have you ever played the arcade classic with a 20 foot screen and larger-than-life controls? Well, thanks to the good folks at Eugene Tech, XS Media and the Eugene Cultural Service (EUGfun), Tuesday is your night! Bike in Shapes will join in the fanfare, launching this Tuesday at 7pm from the Barn Light along a pixel-ated journey, returning in time for beers and the King Pong start at 8pm. All are welcome to join the group ride!

Ride Map (Clockwise) | Facebook Event



Bike in Shapes, Eugene

June 28th – Infinity

One loop, two loops, or three? It’s the Infinity shape—anything goes. We’ll meet at the McMenamins North Bank (around back on the river path) on Thursday, June 28th at 7pm and start the endless journey back and forth across Eugene’s DeFazio, Greenway and Knickerbocker bridges. It’s the Bike in Shapes 8th Birthday, so let’s turn that 8 on its side to forever!

Map (Counterclockwise)


Bike in Shapes, Eugene

May 31st – Viking Ship

Ahoy there! Let’s paddle and pillage our way through the Amazon park in a tracing a Viking Ship. We’ll start and end our voyage at new Viking Braggot Company Southtowne (Willamette and 24th) at 7pm this Thursday. You’ll want to braggot that you were there…


Bike in Shapes, Eugene

March 29th, Eugene – Chuck Norris Redux

Let’s open a can of…Chuck Norris Redux, the shape. We’ll meet at the Rennie’s Landing at 7pm this Thursday, March 29th, and strut from there. In honor of this ride, here’s a few Chuck Norris Bike Facts you may not know:

  • When Chuck Norris rides bicycles, cars use the sidewalk.
  • Chuck Norris’ bicycle doesn’t have a handle bar, it has a fist-le bar.
  • Light is jealous of the speed of Chuck Norris’ single speed.