Bike in Shapes, Eugene, Springfield

May 23rd – Ants on a Log

May is Bike Month here in the beautiful valley, and Bike in Shapes will be marching 1×1 along the new Mill Race Trail in Springfield to complete this peanut butter-celery themed shape. Eugene folks, let’s meet at 7:00pm atop the Autzen Footbridge and head to Claim 52’s The Abbey at Sprout at 7:15pm to meet up with Springfield folks. From here, we’ll begin the clockwise shape and return to The Abbey around 8:00pm for a beer afterwards.

Ride Map | Facebook Event


Bike in Shapes, Eugene

September 29th – 1860 Electoral Map (Abstract)

Before “Fore score and seven years ago…” it was Lincoln v. Breckinridge v. Douglas v. Bell…I think we all remember how the 1860 presidential race panned out, Oregon’s first participation in the Electoral College. In the spirit of the season, let’s right this old electoral college map. We’ll meet outside of the Red Barn Grocery in the Whitaker at 6:30pm this Thursday and ride out to Claim 52 Brewing (1030 Tyinn St, Eugene) in West Eugene. We’ll complete the shape on the way back.
View Route Map (counterclockwise)
Curious how our abstract map compares with real thing?
BikeInShapes, Eugene, Springfield

November 20th – A few stones from Stonehenge

For ages, the meaning and mystery of Stonehenge has alluded us. How were those big stone moved together? And recently how did four rogue stones move themselves aaaallll the way to Downtown Springfield?! This Thursday let’s ride the ‘henge! Eugene folks, we’ll meet in the middle of the Autzen Footbridge at 7pm. Springfield folks, you can meet up with us at 7:20ish at the Abbey (Claim 52’s Tasting Room at Sprout! Regional Food Hub on 4th & A Street). We’ll shape the rocks (and rock the shape), finally looping back to The Abby for some brews around 8pm. See you this Thursday at 7pm at Autzen Footbridge!


BikeInShapes, Eugene

June 19th – The Key of Fermentation

Stay with me here: “For centuries and centuries (and in a galaxy far far a way), brewers have searched for the secrets of the perfect beer. “If only,” they thought, “we could find the Key of Fermentation, our quest to unlock perfection will be obtained….”

Fast-forward to the Willamette Valley in 2014: this June, we will unearth the Key of Fermentation, and funny-enough, its in a shape we can bike-trace! Imagine that. Let’s meet at NE corner of Monroe Park on Thursday, June 19th, at 7:00pm, and unlock The Key of Fermentation, along the Fern Ridge Trail and concluding at Claim 52 Brewing. Thanks to Claim 52 for hosting us and staying up a little later!