Bike in Shapes

June 17th – Bike in Shapes’ 5th Birthday!

erin3The results are in and chewy! To commemorate Bike in Shapes’ 5th birthday, you voted to ride the timeless “Gummy Worm & Swedish Fish” shapes along a river loop. We’ll meet Wednesday June 17th, at 7pm at Oakshire Public House. $1 of all proceeds will go to benefit the Be Noble Foundation from 5pm-10pm. Thanks to Oakshire Brewing for supporting this cause.

Be Noble was established honoring a dear friend and regular of Bike in Shapes, Erin Noble (pictured in center). Be Noble promotes environmental stewardship and social causes in memory of Erin. With community and public support, Be Noble recently saved the Amazon Creek Headwaters and surrounding forest where Erin hiked regularly. June 17th is part of #NobleWeek. Give a bear hug, hike a trail, share something Noble. Be Noble. 5thbdaygummywormswedishfish

BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

September 3rd – The “Be Noble” Ribbon Ride

BikeInShapes is bubbling in anticipation to honor and continue celebrating the life of Erin Noble.  We’re calling it the “Be Noble” ribbon ride. We will begin where many Noble mornings began, the Martin’s Trailhead off W. Amazon (See map). We’ll trot our bikes down the Amazon Creek running trail, looping Erin’s ribbon through town over to the Whitaker. The ride will conclude with fundraiser pints at Ninkasi.

The time has been change from August 30th to Monday, September 3rd to accommodate a generous gesture from Ninkasi Brewing.  Their tasting room is donating a portion of the beer proceeds all day Labor Day to Erin Noble’s Fund to Save the Amazon Creek Headwaters.

So to recap:
Date: Labor Day Monday, September 3rd.
Start: Martin’s Trailhead, 6:30pm.
Finish: Ninkasi Tasting Room, 7-9pm.

Ninkasi Brewing is donating 25% their tasting room beer proceeds all day Labor Day to Erin Noble’s Fund to Save the Amazon Creek Headwaters. Thank you Ninkasi for this generous gesture.