Bike in Shapes

June 17th – Bike in Shapes’ 5th Birthday!

erin3The results are in and chewy! To commemorate Bike in Shapes’ 5th birthday, you voted to ride the timeless “Gummy Worm & Swedish Fish” shapes along a river loop. We’ll meet Wednesday June 17th, at 7pm at Oakshire Public House. $1 of all proceeds will go to benefit the Be Noble Foundation from 5pm-10pm. Thanks to Oakshire Brewing for supporting this cause.

Be Noble was established honoring a dear friend and regular of Bike in Shapes, Erin Noble (pictured in center). Be Noble promotes environmental stewardship and social causes in memory of Erin. With community and public support, Be Noble recently saved the Amazon Creek Headwaters and surrounding forest where Erin hiked regularly. June 17th is part of #NobleWeek. Give a bear hug, hike a trail, share something Noble. Be Noble. 5thbdaygummywormswedishfish

BikeInShapes, Eugene

May 7th – Prancing Piggy Redux

On National Bike-to-School day, BikeInShapes will be riding in the shape of old Prancing Piggy to support Safe Routes, the Eugene Springfield Safe Routes Schools program. We’ll meet at Oakshire Public House Wednesday May 7th at 7pm, jump on the bacon and be back to imbibe. $1 of every beer will go to Safe Routes. Thanks to Emma for getting this rolling. Learn more about Safe Routes at:


May is National Bike Month. There are lots of other awesome biking activities this month, including CycloFemme on Mother’s Day, Moonlight Mash on the 14th, and much more listed here:

BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

May 30th – Loch Ness Monster

This Thursday, come wade in the water with the ultimate mythical lake monster,  “Nessie” the Loch Ness Monster. The last known sighting of this plesiosaurs-like creature was in Scotland in 1933, but now that we are “shapin-it,” I am sure Nessie will give us surprise peak deep down in the Willamette….one can hope. ;)

Let’s meet at the new Oakshire Public House in the Whit (across from the Wandering Goat) at 7pm (yes, earlier!) this Thursday and head for back brews afterward.


BikeInShapes, Eugene

Tour de Shapes – August 11th – The Stingray

We’ve talked (for years now) about doing an extra long, extra summer ride. So here it is…the Tour de Shapes ’12, the Stingray. We’ll meet on Saturday, August 11th, at 1pm, at the river path bridge across from Valley River Center, and ride an incredible 30 mile loop with stints/stings along the river and McKenzie View Drive, and finish at Oakshire Brewery. Thanks to Mike Howard for the design.