Bike in Shapes, Eugene

June 7th – Formal Matrimeowny

Kate and Ross are getting married this week!   So cough up your hairballs and join these two furballs for a celebration of marriage group bicycle ride-the Matrimeowny ride! We’ll meownt our bikes at 7pm from Ninkasi Brewing Co.’s Tasting Room and trace the fur! Pints will support Friends of Buford Park & Mt. Pisgah. Invite a friend, everyone is welcome! Formeowl attire encouraged!

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Need to rent a bike? Try Falling Sky, Brett at Rent-A-Bike Eugene or Jeff at Paul’s Bicycle Way of Life.


BikeInShapes, Eugene

April 16th – A Fern Between Two Ferns

It started with Michael Cera. Then Barak Obama. Now it’s BikeInShape’s turn give an ode to Zach G. in the form of a sorry excuse for a Fern. So, let’s awkwardly meander the shape of A Fern Between Two Ferns. Ninkasi is graciously hosting us, and we’ll meet there this Wednesday at 7pm.

Here’s some classic Bieber to get your amped for the ride:






June 20th – Triceratops

BikeInShapes is turning three years old! (Those terrible-twos were something else). To celebrate, let’s ride in the shape of our favorite three-horned friend, a triceratops. And after a triceratops ride, there’s pretty much only one beer we can return to: Ninkasi’s “Tricerahops.”

So dust off your tricycle for the triceratops on Thursday, June 20th leaving Ninkasi at 7pm. Any friends of Eugene-Springfield are welcome! Thanks to our friends at Ninkasi for hosting us!


BikeInShapes, Eugene

March 28th: Velociraptor on the a bicycle

A velociraptor on a bicycle is like a chia seeds on chocolate or dogs in costumes…it just sorta makes sense. So, you should sorta join us for the “A veleciraptor on a bicycle” shape on Thursday March 28th from Ninkasi Brewery at 7:45pm. Thanks to Ninkasi for hosting  us BikeInShaptors. And thanks to Iryna and Kirsten for the sorta marvelous design.


BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

September 3rd – The “Be Noble” Ribbon Ride

BikeInShapes is bubbling in anticipation to honor and continue celebrating the life of Erin Noble.  We’re calling it the “Be Noble” ribbon ride. We will begin where many Noble mornings began, the Martin’s Trailhead off W. Amazon (See map). We’ll trot our bikes down the Amazon Creek running trail, looping Erin’s ribbon through town over to the Whitaker. The ride will conclude with fundraiser pints at Ninkasi.

The time has been change from August 30th to Monday, September 3rd to accommodate a generous gesture from Ninkasi Brewing.  Their tasting room is donating a portion of the beer proceeds all day Labor Day to Erin Noble’s Fund to Save the Amazon Creek Headwaters.

So to recap:
Date: Labor Day Monday, September 3rd.
Start: Martin’s Trailhead, 6:30pm.
Finish: Ninkasi Tasting Room, 7-9pm.

Ninkasi Brewing is donating 25% their tasting room beer proceeds all day Labor Day to Erin Noble’s Fund to Save the Amazon Creek Headwaters. Thank you Ninkasi for this generous gesture.

BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

November 9th – Rubberducky

Rubberducky, you’re the one. In honor of our other number one Duckies, this month it’s time to swish and swash with good old Rubberducky (embedded map). But this plastic variety is a fibbing feathered alternative with a bill as long as our favorite wooden marionette’s nose. So don’t trust everything you hear as we bikeinshapes, Tuesday, November 9th. We’ll depart from Ninkasi Brewing Company at 7:30pm, returning for pint at the tail end. Friends and newcomers welcome!

FYI: We’ll be taking December off for the holidays, but be ready to bikeinshapes around Eugene in 2011!

Bike, Eugene

September 9th – Alfalfa

Who’s got big ears, a crackly little voice and a spiked hairdo? This Thursday, it’s time to trace the face of The Little Rascals’ Alfalfa. We’ll meet outside of the Ninkasi Brewing Company’s tasting room in the Whitaker at 7pm. Also, we’re hoppy to announce Ninkasi is offering our group discounts on pints. Thanks Ninkasi!