BikeInShapes, Eugene

February 28th – Gangnam Style

“Heeeeeeeeeey sexy ladies” (and gents), It’s time to opan gangnam style in a shape this Thursday at 7:45pm from Falling Sky! Oh yes, let’s be sooo 8 months late as we pay homage to this k-pop YouTube explosion. So “be the norm” and bring your wayfarer shades, horse moves, and wheels this Thursday!

*Note there will be a leg (literally) of hills, so be ready to peddle or simply do the amputated Gangnam Style.

gangnam style

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May 17th – Prancing Piggy

This little piggy went to the market. This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy went weeeeeeee as it pranced throughout Eugene! Let’s meet this Thursday, May 17th at Falling Sky Brewery at 7:45pm and ride the Prancing Pig. This is a 7 miler, so we will leave at 7:50pm to enjoy the beautiful sunset along the river!