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October 27th – The Brain

Listen up and be cognizant: come exercise those peddles and noggin as we cycle the BikeInShapes Brain. We’ll leave this Thursday from Cornucopia (on Fifth Street) at 7:45pm and head to Alton Baker to Occupy the Frontal Lobe. Thanks to Dave R. for the design. Neuro excuses, see you there!

The Brain

Bicycle Access, BikeInShapes

Bike Access in Developing Countries

We stumbled upon this piece on the World Bicycle Relief by NYTimes columnist Nicholas Kristof.  It’s easy to forget what a relative luxury biking in shapes and other casual biking activities can be. WBR asserts “Bicycles make individuals and economies ‘go.'” Indeed, the positive role bicycle access can contribute to factors of economic development is significant, and dare we say, under publicized. Here are a few other organizations working for this need:

If you know of other organizations and NGO’s working to promote bicycle access in developing countries, please let us know at bikeinshapes [at] gmail. We will continue to add to this list.