Bike, BikeInShapes, Eugene, OR

June 21st – Skinner’s Spiral

It’s BikeInShapes first birthday, and she’s inkling to celebrate in a Eugenean manner. What better way than to spiral up the basin of our town’s roots, Eugene Skinner’s Butte. We’ll start at the David Minor Theater (180 E. 5th Ave) at 7:45pm next Tuesday and glide down the butte to The Bridge Bar & Grill (444 E. 3rd Ave.) for a cold one. Beer only squatters are welcome too. Be ready for a butteful evening!

T-shirts: Want a BikeInShapes t-shirt full of this year’s shapes? Scrounge up a plain shirt to bring with you on Tuesday. We’ll screen print it off for return at the July 21st ride. If you can chip in a couple bucks for the Emerald Green ink, that’d be lovely. :)


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